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Sherlock walked besides Gatsby, but with the strides of the young pup being much larger then the gaurd's. Caused it to be reather easy to keep up with the tom cat. A few minutes later, Gastby turned to look at Sherlock.

"Don't speak unless spoken to," Gastby warned in a low, hushed tone.

Sherlock simply nodded sa the two grew closer and closer to the large stone castle. Soon a black dot appeared in the distance, after a few seconds of watching the thing closely. You could easily to tell it was a dog of some sorts.

"Ross!" Gasty called to the creature in the distance, the black and ginger pelted creature was revealed to be a dog; turned to face them.

"Hello Gastby," Ross spoke with a think british accent. His eyes soon narrowed as he looked Sherlock from ear-tip to tail-tip. He turned back to Gastby,"And who," Ross pointed to Sherlock,"Is this pup?"

Gastby shook his head,"Nevermind his Ross, we need to see the Queen."

Ross lookeda t the two strangely, after a few minutes of silence. He sighed,"Fine, fine. You guys can go in."

Gastby soon took off with Sherlock not far behind, Ross however ran much faster than either of them and quickly caught up."I'm coming you Gastby."

The tom cat's mouth quickly dropped open to argue with the much larger canine, but soon shut it. Knowing it was better to keep quiet then to fight him.

"No funny business, remember that Gatsby." Ross commanded in a harsh and strict tone.

"Would I ever-" Gastby asked twirling his left paw.

"Yes. You. Would." Ross rolled his eyes, a small glimmer of ammusement in them, but that soon disappeared.

The room the three entered was rather large, the size of a small football field at least. It was crowned with golds and silvers, with gems placed on in a certain manner in that it caused the room to sparkle in an elegant manner. At the far end of it, sat a silver chair with dark red cloth on its seat and back. In that chair sat a rather small brown fox, with markings of orange and purple on her paws. Her eyes quickly fell to the visitors that had entered through the door. Similar to how a falcon would scan the fields for its evening meal. She however ran towards them, quickly tackling Gastby to the floor. He attempted to do the same, but the feline was no match for the canine.

"I thought you were dead!" She whispered hints of sadness in her voice.

Gastby grinned,"Weeeeeeeeeeeell, I am still here aren't I?"

The fox let out a small chuckle,"That is surely true."

After a stern glare from Ross, the fox got off of Gatsby and walked over to Sherlock. A curious glint of wonder in her eyes,"And who is this pup Gatsby?"

Gastby's grinn grew as he spoke,"My Queen, may I have the pleasure to introduce to you the great Sherlock Holmes."

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October 17, 2013


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